Monday, November 21, 2005

Less than 24 hours I am cut off from my regular news sources and all hell breaks loose. The government falls, Sharon starts a new party and what has all the appearances of an all-out war is being fought in the North of the country, with all residents being urged to enter the bomb shelters.
This morning I left home at 5.10 AM to make it to the 6.00 train to Tel Aviv, where I had not been for over a year, except for passing through parts of it on our way to my wife's uncle, aunt and cousins on Saturday once in a while. In the last 38 1/2 hours I have only slept about four hours, so I am quite bushed ( this is the Am-En equivalent of afgepeigerd that I found ). Last night I wanted to go to sleep early but around 9.30 PM our neighbors asked if one of us could go down to babysit, they had to go to the hospital to see their newborn son who has jaundice ), so I went to bed only at 1 AM.
In Tel Aviv I had a number of meetings ( one of them with the initiator and teacher of the Dutch school in Tel Aviv, I made some copies from microfilmed primary sources for my research, I ate Dutch fries/chips in a snackbar located at Allenby street nr. 40 ( pretty good, I had a patatje oorlog, with real Dutch mayonaise and peanut-sauce ), and in the Dutch shop ( Rashi Street 19, right next to King George Street ) I bought some things for myself, my wife and children and my father-in-law: Peijnenburg ontbijtkoek, bakkers speculaas ( a good brand ), Koopmans poffertjesmix + a real poffertjespan, Drost cocoa. Sorry for those who do not understand some of the words here, I am really too tired to start translating and explaining them.
In the next few days I will probably provide some comments on the political and military events that have been taking place these last few days. Layla tov.

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