Thursday, November 24, 2005

On the website of Sky News I read about an actor in a theater in London's West End who received a standing ovation when he banished a member of the audience when her cellphone went off three times. I think ringing cellphones and flashing screens are annoying when you are watching a play or a movie, so I agree with most of the views expressed on the website. If you are expecting a very important call when you are in a ( movie ) theater, or if your work requires you to be stand-by, you should make sure you have a phone with a silent/vibrate function. The following comment made me smile: Despite the insistence that we should not use mobile phones in hospitals, the surgeon who was performing minor surgery on me kept stopping to answer calls on his mobile. He ended the final conversation with "Can't talk now, I've got my hands full". I was quite flattered since he was performing my vasectomy at the time! RM, Birmingham

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