Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This morning I had a nice breakfast: two glasses of milk and four slices of ontbijtkoek ( my dictionary translates this as gingerbread but I believe that is something different ). Yesterday was a very productive day, and I also managed to pamper myself a bit. I had a quite healthy ( a large salad, tehina ) and very savoury ( two eggs, fresh bread, cheese, 'fresh' strawberry-apple juice ) breakfast at the Yotveta restaurant in the Azrieli mall. When I entered the Tower Records shop, only to see what is new, without any intention to buy, I saw that Enya has a brand new album. Although the lyrics that she uses are too wooly and New-Agy to my taste, her albums contain beautiful melodies and are perfect background music when you are working, sleeping or relaxing. I have all her CDs, except for Paint the Sky with Stars, because I won't buy a compilation because it has one or two new songs. I would not have bought Amarantine if it did not have such an attractive price: twenty shekel less than the regular price of new albums ( and of all the other Enya CDs ). It is in my CD player right now, as expected it is more of the same, you feel a nice kind of familiarity already from the very first time. When I looked on Enya's website this morning I saw that the album came out only yesterday. I also treated myself to a new book, that I will take with me to Paris: Philip Roth's The Plot against America. For a long time I have not really read any serious literature, but the last week I have enjoyed a wonderful book by Salman Rushdie, Haroun and the Sea of Stories. With beautiful words and phrases and a lot of wit and symbolism - much of which I failed to pick up, I am sure - Rushdie, who wrote this story in the late 1980s when he was hiding from the Shi'ite colleagues of OBL, tells us a fantastic and entertaining story, in which he deals with censorship and free speech, tyranny, language and much more. If I am not mistaken the book has already been made into a play and an opera, I think it would be perfect for an animated feature as well. In reviews influences of the Arabian nights and Indian literature are mentioned, I was also reminded of books and movies like Through the Looking Glass/Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. Very much recommended, this book.

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