Friday, November 11, 2005

This really makes me mad. On the website of Sky News I read a photo-article on Hammasa Kohistani, the winner of this year's Miss England competition, who happens to be the first Muslim ( born in Uzbekistan, she lived in Afghanistan but fled the country with her parents ) to have ever done so. Muslims who see her decision to enter the beauty contest as un-Islamic have made death threats against her. So what do you think the editors of the Sky News site have to say about this thing? A critical comment about the fact that some Muslims find it hard to respect basic values of a democracy such as having the right to choose what you do in your spare time or for a living, or the right of not having your life threatened by a bunch of medieval fanatics? Think again. Sky found this the perfect item to address a much more important issue: " Her story brings into focus once more the whole debate surrounding beauty contests themselves, which many would prefer to see consigned to the misogynist dustbin of history."

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