Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two views on what has been going on in France for the last week or so. The first cartoon is by Chappatte, who happened to be in Israel for an international cartoonists' convention this week. I saw him being interviewed on Israeli television the other day. Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams ( " City of lights " ) made the other one.
As for the riots themselves, I think that - as with terrorism - poverty, discrimination, social gaps etc. are adopted as excuses for random violence and local tugs-of-war, while you do not hear or see much of those who are truly at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. I found it ironic to see that some of the vandals who were interviewed on television wear designer clothes and shoes that I cannot afford. Why is it that when in Europe ( second and third generation ) immigrants run wild you never see any people of Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese or Indian descent cause major problems? Could it be that those immigrants are too busy studying, or working to make sure their children can advance in their new homeland? Sure, France is not exactly the land of liberty, equality and fraternity anymore - I wonder if it ever was - but the current events seem to be rather a case of chaos pour le chaos than understandable efforts by desperate participants in a just social struggle.

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