Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yesterday evening I watched "Politika" while folding a medium pile of laundry. Wow, the Likud is really panicking. Bibi Nethanyahu was unable to control his anger, and also Michael Eitan and Yisrael Katz did not manage to control their emotions very well. Of course the media got most of the blame for the mess the Likud and Israel find themselves in. What's new? Unfortunately, Ronny Bar-On, one of the opportunists who joined Sharon's list/party, showed very well that his 'party' does not intend to renew Israel's political anti-culture, by shouting and interrupting more and louder than the other participants in the discussion. By the way, he was the attorney who was supposed to become attorney-general in the Hebron - Bar-On deal that involved Aryeh Der'i, Bibi and others; interestingly enough, the journalist who exposed that story, Ayalah Hasson-Nesher of Channel 1 ( one of the few journalists at that channel whose opinion and analysis are interesting and worthwhile ), also was there. Yuli Tamir, a former professor and Peace-Now activist who never succeeded in impressing me as a politician, tried to get across Amir Peretz' election message, but her insistence on using the word "hevrati" ( social ) over and over again, plus the succesful efforts of Ronny Bar-On and the other male politicians to shout her down, did not help her really.
Anyway, we have four annoying, hot, stressful but entertaining months ahead of us. Thank G'd I do not have the time to follow everything seriously, I am simply too busy with more important things. Let's just hope that most of this will result in changes for the better. On the other hand, we have been hopeful before, only to be disappointed again and again.

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