Monday, December 26, 2005

After my wife took our daughter to a show, I bathed our son, brushed his teeth and put him to bed. Then I made myself a sandwich and wanted to watch one of the DVDs that I bought or received as a present during my last visit to Paris and Holland, but when I turned on the television I landed in the second half of what must be one of my five favorite movies of all times, Scent of a Woman. It is broadcast about once every other week on one of the movie channels, and each time that I find myself in the middle of it I find it hard not to watch it until the end. It is funny, moving, has a good storyline and leaves me with a wonderful feeling every time that I watch ( part of ) it. Next time that I watch it I will try to pay attention to the 'goofs' in the movie. I never notice such things ( probably because I watch a movie to enjoy it, not to study it ), but you can find them on various websites, such as Internet Movie Database.

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