Saturday, December 31, 2005

For more than 24 hours I was unable to blog, read or send e-mails etc. because of technical difficulties. At least everything started working again just in time to write a last posting for 2005. We do not really celebrate New Year's Eve here ( some people do, though ). This evening we are invited to our friends and neighbors. Together with them, their children and another couple of neigbors/friends with their children, we will light the Hanukah candles ( seven tonight, plus the shamash of course ) and have a light dinner. This morning I made a cake ( 'spiced cake with almond paste' according to my dictionary, gevulde speculaas in Dutch ) that smells wonderful. If my wife and I are awake at twelve o'clock ( we probably will be asleep already ) we will open the windows to hear the boats in the Haifa harbor honking ( is that the right word?).
I have no serious resolutions for next year, except for finally finishing my PhD. As for the most important events of the past year, I do not think my choices are very surprising, they appear in most reviews:
  • For the world: the bomb attacks in London ( July ) and the riots in France ( November )
  • For Holland: the rejection of the European consitution ( June )
  • For Israel: the implementation of the Gaza-disengagement plan ( August )

Obviously, by choosing these events I do not say that other events ( the aftermath of the Tsunami, the earthquake in Pakistan, hurricane Katherina, Bush' second inauguration, the election of a new pope, the start of the process against Saddam Hussayn, terror in Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere, anarchy in the Palestinian territories, the process against the murderer of Theo van Gogh, terror alerts and arrests in Holland ) were unimportant or less impressive. Choosing events of the year does not make sense in any case, but to me the visual and/or possible historical impact of the abovementioned events was/seems to be the most significant. A happy, healthy and hopefully peaceful 2006 to all my readers ( and to most of the other 6 355 543 350+ people on this planet )!

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