Saturday, December 17, 2005

From Monday onwards I will be blogging more regularly again. This Thursday I arrived in Holland with the Thalys train from Paris. In The Hague I had a very pleasant and interesting meeting with someone at the CIDI. It seems he and I have a lot of opinions in common as far as Israel and the Middle East are concerned. The funny thing is that in Israel many of his views would be considered leftwing, whereas in Holland he is very liberal-rightwing. I took the train to Utrecht. At what for me remains one of the best and nicest bookshops that I know ( Broese at the Oude Gracht ) I bought some children's books for our daughter and son. Later I met with who has become a very good friend ( and frequent commentator on DBI ). This was the second time that we met face to face, and it is as if we have known each other for years. She gave me three beautiful, practical and very thoughtful presents ( thanks again ). Dinner I had with my brother and his fiancee ( he also had some wonderful presents, one of them a CD of the late Bram Vermeulen ), and then I took the bus to my parents. Yesterday I packed my bags already, to see if I am going to have any overweight problems tomorrow. It seems that I do not have too much weight to take with me. I wanted to post some pictures from Paris, but I do not have a way to transfer them from my laptop to my parents' PC. You will see them in the course of ( the ) next week(s). Tomorrow in the afternoon I will depart from Schiphol airport, and in the evening I will return home. After that I will start following the news again, and this blog will stop being mainly about my personal life and more or less return to normal.

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