Sunday, December 11, 2005

Had a very good weekend. On Friday I went through all the tribulations of someone who wants to see/photocopy something at the Archives Nationales, but it was worth the trouble. Thanks to two very friendly staff members who (wo)manned the desk in the large reading hall I was able to make digital photocopies of the file that I was interested in, even though I had been unable to reserve one of the two places de photo. The file contained some very interesing reports on public opinion in occupied France. Yesterday I went to buy some presents for our children and for my two nieces. On my way back I passed underneath the Arc de triomphe, where I saw - and took pictures of - a ceremony by war veterans, held every evening. Today i worked for two hours in the archives of the mémorial de la Shoah ( CDJC ), where thanks to a good friend and colleague some very good sources were waiting. After that I walked through the Rue Rivoli, on my way to a store in the Rue du Louvre, where I had to search for a certain model of an aeroplane for a family friend. I did not find it, and I continued to the Montmartre cemetery, close to where I live and write this posting right now. I visited and took pictures of the graves of some famous people ( Hector Berlioz, Adolphe Sax, Heinrich Heine, and a few others ) and returned home to work. Hopefully I will manage to post some of the pictures tomorrow or on Tuesday, if not you will get them next weekend, or right after my return home on Sunday next week. Wow, I just realize that in another week i will be back home again! Time fmies when you are having fun. Part of the fun was the book that I have been reading from the moment I landed in Paris one week ago until this morning ( I did not have much time most of the week ), Philip Roth`s The Plot against America. Very well written, and - although normally I cannot stand if-history - highly convincing and believable, with some brilliantly portrayed characters with whom it is easy to identify. Now I started reading a Tom Clancy novel, The teeth of the Tiger. Seems to be typically Clancy, a bit annoying but very entertaining. Off to the shower and to bed. Tomorrow morning I am working at home - entering today`s photocopies into my laptop, organizing everything - and after that I leave for my mast afternoon at on of the archives where I worked last week. On Tuesday I have some social commitments, plus a lecture - by a leading German historian - on Holocaust historiography, on Wednesday morning I work in a Jewish archive near my apartment, and on Thursday I will take an early train to Holland. If I have some time left in between i might visit the Pere Lachaise and Montparnasse cemeteries as well. It is very soothing to visit such cemeteries, and it is easy to make beautiful pictures over there; the subjects do not move very much. As promised, I will try to post some pictures in the following days ( or maybe weeks, depending on the number of pictures that I will take ). By the way, i did read that Shaul Mofaz and Tsachi Hanegbi `defected` ( I have no idea why that word is chosen ) to Sharon`s party. No comment yet; Again, this posting is unedited, maybe I will do that later this week, when I have a more convenient keyboard available ( and some more patience ).

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