Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Hanukah!

Merry Christmas and a happy 2006!

Since the three holidays ( Hanukah, Christmas, New Year ) coincide this year, I can wish the vast majority of my readers happy holidays simultaneously. Therefore: Merry Christmas ( for my Christian readers and all the others who somehow celebrate the holiday ), a happy, healthy and hopefully peaceful new year for all my readers, and Hag Urim Sameah for my Jewish readers. This afternoon me and my family will visit Lila of Letters from Rungholt. Our daughter very much wanted to see a Christmas tree ( and Lila's daughter Quarta ) again, so it was about time for another meeting of our families. Interestingly enough, the Druze neigbors of my parents-in-law also have a tree on their balcony. Although they do not celebrate Christmas they adopted the tree-custom from their Christian neighbors in the village where they lived previously.

PS: Of course, also happy Festivus for those who celebrate that nondenominational holiday.

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