Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Normally I do not watch television at this time of the day but a technician of Yes, the satellite television service to which we subscribe, was here to fix some minor problem, and I left the television on to check the news on CNN and Sky, so I happened to see Mr Sharon leaving the hospital on live Israeli television. N., the friend and DBI commentator whom I met in Utrecht last week, pointed out something that I had not thought of yet. Could it be, she wrote me, that this would be a good thing for peace: a Prime Minister who - having had a glimpse of death - wants to immortalize himself even more than before by bringing about peace, or - and this is me continuing her line of thought - at least borders for the Jewish state and some sort of normalization in the relations between Israelis and Palestinians? I already kind of liked the man before his medical tsures, but now - after I saw and heard Arab and Jewish fanatics celebrate his stroke and praying for his death, not that we were unaware of the similarities between 'their' meshuganes and ours - I admire him even more, and in the current political reality in Israel I would like to see him return to lead the country, if possible in a coalition with the Labor party. Let us face it, there is no credible alternative right now. Last night my wife was one of the Israelis who participated in opinion polls that showed that political support for Sharon and for his 'party' remains high.
O.k., enough politics for today, I return to working on my laptop. Have a nice day.

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