Monday, December 26, 2005

This is an old posting that I wrote in the spring of this year, and that I saved for future posting. The political reality has caught up with much of what I wanted to say, but some of it is still relevant. Two articles ( here and here ), both more than half a year old but still relevant, about Amir Peretz, who recently announced his candidacy for the leadership of Israel's Labor Party. On its way to primaries for that leadership the party claims to have enlisted 100.000 new members, recruited by supporters of each of the possible candidates in order to boost that candidate's chances. Israel's democracy at its best, but not a sign of the growing strength of the party among Israeli voters. I know personally of at least one case of a lifelong Likud voter who said that she will keep voting Likud but who was enlisted to help a friend in local Labor primaries. I really do not know which candidate is the best or most suitable one. Most of them I cannot really stand. Matan Vilnai is sympathetic and talented but does not stand a chance, Avraham Burg is not available ( and also would not be able to beat the competitors ), and I am not sure whether Yitzhak Herzog or Ofir Pines-Paz will be nominated. One of the most serious problems in Israel is the lack of a credible and viable opposition party, which offers good alternatives in the fields of socio-economics, justice, the separation of synagogue and state, security, the environment, etc. Now that the main governing party is in disarray as well, we are left to the tender mercies of..., well, of whom?

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