Thursday, January 05, 2006

I guess I will be making several short postings in the course of the following hours and days. Things here are very uncertain and at the same time quite dynamic now. Ariel Sharon is still in the operating room, whatever news can be published about his situation can probably not be very good. Right now I hear Udi Segal, political commentator for Channel 2, say that whereas the previous time that Sharon was taken to the hospital - on the evening that I returned to Israel two and a half weeks ago - the state's heart skipped a beat, and that now it stopped breathing for several hours.
There are many people in Israel this moment that nobody should be jealous of. First of all, obviously, Ariel Sharon and his loved and loving ones. His has always been a very loving and close family, and most of us pray for him and for them in one way or another. Also, one could have a lot of sympathy for those responsible for the security of our political leaders. Protecting Sharon, who is a widower and has been a soldier all of his life and who lives at the Sycamore Ranch - isolated and therefore relatively easy to secure -, is much easier than taking care of the protection of someone like Ehud Olmert, who lives in the middle of Jerusalem, has a family and, though he has lived in the public spotlight for decades, has always been a civilian. The people from the Shabak have a tough time ahead of them, not that their job was ever really easy.
We also could feel sorry for Mr Olmert, who has always been ambitious enough to want the post of PM, but who never in his worst nightmares dreamt that the job would land in his lap ( to use a cynical phrase and 'literary' reference: that he would become khalif instead of the khalif ) under these circumstances. Finally, imagine the problems that Ehud Olmert's family and neighbors will have with all the security measures that surround him, his home and family from now on.

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