Saturday, January 28, 2006

I stopped following the life and adventures of MP George Galloway ( I posted about him three times before, see here, here, and here ), he remains annoying and a disgrace to the European Left but simply is not interesting enough, and I am not sure if he still represents anything but his own personal interests. He has made such a fool of himself that I do not consider him to be a real threat to anyone but himself anymore. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to read that The Sun ( watch the video ) exposed footage that clearly shows that his sympathy for Iraq was directed more in the direction of the Husseins and their henchmen than towards the victims of either that regime or the Allied invasion that brought it down. The American-British attack against and occupation of Iraq does not seem to be very well planned, they caused a lot of unnecessary suffering and one could think of quite a few legitimate reasons why the Americans and their allies should have stayed away from Iraq or leave the country immediately, but every time that I read an article or watch a documentary about the regime of Saddam Hussein I think that things in that country could and can not be much worse than they were until three years ago. All that I wrote in an opinion article for the Dutch daily Trouw on the eve of the war remains valid.

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