Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If Israeli Arabs - let alone Palestinians - did only a tenth of what Jewish militants did, the security forces would have started using live ammunition against them long ago. 'The' settlers ( I know that the terrorists among them are only a minority but a) it becomes clearer every day that we are talking about many more than just a few dozen; b) Yesha leaders and politicians who are considered close to the settler community pay only lip service to the rule of law, hardly anyone of them really makes an effort to restrain this scum - rather than salt - of the earth; therefore it becomes more and more difficult not to identify all settlers with the militants among them ) get away with every violent action that they initiaty and participate in. Few if any of the cases of violence during the disengagement were brought to justice, and I would be surprised if most of the hooligans who have attacked soldiers and policemen in the last year or so will not be drafted into the IDF eventually.
The Israeli Right always talks about how the pullout from Lebanon and Gaza weakened Israel's deterrence towards the Palestinians and the Arab world. I think that the weak-kneed, indecisive approach of the Israeli authorities when- and wherever they face Jewish violence both against Palestinians and - especially - against our own security forces damages that deterrence much more than any withdrawal.

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