Saturday, January 07, 2006

Last night the doctors at Hadassah hospital almost used superlatives to describe how successful the latest operation that Ariel Sharon underwent was. I already started imagining him returning to office, beating all those ( I almost used the word 'vultures' here, but that would be too cynical ) who will vie with one another for the PM job in the coming months, and thumbing his nose at all the Ahmadinejads, Robertsons and Marzels of the world. Even before that, the Dutch-Jewish Center for Information and Documentation on Israel was even more optimistic than anybody else. Through its website one was ( and still is ) invited to send an online get-well-soon card to Sharon. All e-mails will be bundled and sent to the PM's office in Jerusalem, according to the website. Based on how the card is phrased it seems that the people of the CIDI are convinced that Mr Sharon will be able to read the e-mails after his recovery. I wish I could be that confident ( or naive ).

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