Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Likud officials are afraid that the party's primaries will be won particularly by opponents of the disengagement and of a Palestinian state. Normally that would not concern them very much, but they fear that the Israeli public is looking for a way towards the political center, and that a list with mostly notorious rightwingers and 'rebels' will make it easy for a party like Kadimah to brand the Likud as an extremist party. I hope that all those fears will become reality. Another concern for party officials is the fact that Silvan Shalom is the only one of 'Middle-Eastern descent' among the party's top 10 candidates, that is, all the others are wus-wus-im ( from the Yiddish word for 'what', after all, all Ashkenazim are supposed to speak Yiddish ). I think Michael Eitan's comment on this problem is - unintentionally, I hope - very insulting: "I call on members of the Likud Central Committee to properly represent all of Israel's ethnic groups on our list. However, it is important to have worthy candidates." If you really care for the interests of Israel, the coming months will probably be difficult, but if you see politics mainly as entertainment you will be able to enjoy the whole election campaign. Whatever its outcome and character, the campaign will doubtlessly be interesting.

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