Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A little more than a month ago, when the election campaign started and Ariel Sharon's Kadimah already was doing very well in the opinion polls, I wrote that four months until the elections are a very long time. Many Qassams, several Katyusha rockets and terror attacks and five weeks later the same is still true. If I had to bet, I do not think I would put my money on Ariel Sharon as the next Prime Minister. His health problems and the medical procedure that he will undergo on Thursday appear to be more complicated and less routine than we were made to believe until earlier this week, and today, after a year or more of quiet on his legal front, new reports have come up of evidence regarding illegal financial transactions involving Ariel Sharon('s family ). This is bad news, I am afraid. Although I do not think that I would advise someone to vote Kadimah ( the party's list is too much of a mixed lot, containing many opportunists who have no ideological basis whatsoever ) I would like to see Ariel Sharon leading the government after March 2006. Not that I have much confidence in him or his integrity, but the alternatives are hardly any better, they do not seem to have proper solutions for - or interest in - the issues that the new government will have to address, and none of them has the balls or the experience necessary to initiate a Disengagement II, and to deal with the fanatics who attacked the soldiers and policemen in Hebron today.

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