Saturday, January 28, 2006

On Thursday I pampered myself by doing something that I had not done for many months: I bought a CD with Israeli music. The local music scene is very rich, particularly if you take into account that there are only a few million people whose mother-tongue is Hebrew. One of the things that brought my wife and me together thirteen years ago was our love for Israeli music. We have a nice collection of CDs, but the vast majority of them came out years ago. New CDs that we buy - two, three a year for the last decade, I think - are by established groups and artists. Hava Alberstein, Arik Einstein, Shalom Hanoch, different members of the Banai family, Yehudah Poliker, Ahinoam Nini ( Noa ), in recent years they all produced a new album once in a while. In the last few years some very talented new artists have entered Israel's music scene. My favorites among them are Idan Raichel and his Project, Daniel Salomon and Shotey HaNevu'ah ( The Fools of Prophecy ). The album that I bought yesterday is the Fools' second album, Looking for Dorot. This band mixes ethnic music with dance, hip-hop, reggae and whatever suits them. I 'discovered' them through their big hit, Yedia'a ( Knowledge, through the link you can see the videoclip ), which has it all: rhytm, a good melody, funny and in a way very 'deep' lyrics that contain witty word plays, musical instruments that are not too common in pop music. When I heard three of the band's members give an a capella version of Kol HaGalgal ( the beautiful first song on this album ) at the event that marked ten years after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin z"l last year, I knew that I wanted to know more about them.

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