Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sorry for having neglected my weblog lately. In addition to my regular pursuits I have been busy helping to fill this week's schedule of an editor of a Dutch newspaper who is here to write about the Palestinian elections and about post-Sharon politics in Israel. The editor wanted to meet some VIPs who might have something interesting to say about those two subjects, and he asked me to arrange some meetings through my father-in-law, who has quite a few contacts among Israel's who-is-who. 'We' got him interviews with one former head of one of Israel's main intelligence agencies, a former deputy commander of the IDF, a former minister of Defense and a former deputy minister of Defense. All four of them are seasoned politicians and former highranking IDF officers who played an active role in some of the most fascinating chapters of Israel's history, and all of them know Ariel Sharon personally and are familiar - from the Israeli perspective, of course - with events and developments in Palestinian society. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be in and around Tel Aviv, accompanying the journalist and the photographer who came with him.

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