Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ten minutes ago I returned home, after having watched a screening of Steven Spielberg's latest movie, Munich. Maybe I will write some more about it tomorrow, but let me just tell you this: the movie is not anti-Israel ( or anti-anything, for that matter ), it is just stupid and is definitely not a credit to Spielberg's name. Most of all, the film is superfluous: the same story was told - in a less bombastic, more modest and certainly not less powerful manner - by the makers of The Sword of Gideon, which is based on the same ( problematic ) source, the book Vengeance by George Jonas. Still, I am glad that my friend Y. ( he, his wife and their son were our best friends when we lived in Paris, after he finished his PhD they returned to Israel, and came to live in Haifa ) asked me to come with him, otherwise I would not have wanted to spend money on such a controversial movie, now at least I could judge for myself.

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