Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today nobody cared ( or at least nobody talked ) about the health of our Prime Minister and his operation tomorrow. The main two news items were corruption-related:
  • is what was published yesterday about the Sharon-Kern affair something new, is the timing of its publication politically motivated, should Sharon resign, should he be allowed to run for re-election, does the publication affect the voters' opinion, etc.?
  • the investigation of the Israeli ( or Israeli-Russian, I am not sure ) Arkady Gaydamak. Finally more and more Israelis are starting to remember and pronounce his name properly, which is hard not to, since he has not been out of the spotlights since July, when he started a highly publicized 'shopping/donation' spree, buying a soccer team, a basketball team, donating enormous sums to different charities, initiating a new political movement or party, having the biggest New Year's party of Israel etc., while all the time it was known that he is being investigated in a large whitewash-affair at one Bank Ha'Poalim branch ( on the television I heard this afternoon that he is even wanted by French authorities ). Three of the main questions that were asked today are: what is the origin of some of his wealth, did that origin make it necessary for him to engage in whitewashing large sums of money, and was his public campaign partly aimed at buying political influence and/or public sympathy?

The only thing that really worries me is that somehow the renewed corruption scandal will cause Bibi N. to replace Sharon after March 28th, or - maybe even worse - that Sharon will be tempted to take some rash action to boost his chances in the elections. I do not have to spell out here what kind of adventures I mean ( and I am not talking - only - about the country that today is by far the most dangerous threat for Israel ) but we all know that such operations could do us a lot of good if carried out properly and successfully, but if they fail - and haste makes waste, particularly if we are talking about soldiers doing things in a hurry because of political pressure - the consequences could be disastrous for all of us.

PS: While I am writing this I read online that Ariel Sharon has been taken to the hospital because he did not feel well. Let's hope and pray that he will recover and hang on for some more years. I normally wish most human beings all the best, especially if they are ill and have loving families, but as much as I had my doubts about Mr Sharon in the past ( and I still think parts of that past are not glatt kosher in some respects ), my wishes for him are a bit more anxious and heartfelt today than they are for other people. Apart from all the political repercussions, just imagine how 'our' and 'their' Hamasniks would celebrate his - heaven forbid - demise. May he live long and prosper.

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