Tuesday, February 28, 2006

About the leader of the gang that kidnapped, tortured and murdered Ilan Halimi z"l: "Questioned by police, he allegedly said the gang targeted Halimi because he was presumed as a Jew to be wealthy, but denied [...] that he was motivated by anti-Semitism." It is a shame Youssef Fofana ( of 'Ivorian origin' ) cannot apply the logic with which Yasser Arafat used to deny being an anti-Semite: "Me an anti-Semite? I am Semitic myself." I very much appreciate the efforts by French officials to face republican ( and the Republic's historical ) responsibilities regarding the country's Jewish citizens, and I understand that several incidents have caused the autorities to not automatically assume that each and every attack against a Jewish individual or institute in France is caused by anti-Semitism. Still, when anti-Semitism is ( one of ) the obvious explanation(s) of a crime commited against Jews it should unhesitatingly be recognized as such. All anti-Semitic crimes are hate-crimes, but not all hate-crimes are anti-Semitic, and the two categories should not be confused.

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