Wednesday, February 15, 2006

By drafting Adolf Hitler for their election campaign, Bibi and the Likud do what so many on the Israeli Right love to do: contributing to the trivialization of the Holocaust and of other crimes committed by the Nazis. I am not a member of the fanclub of any of the candidates for the prime ministership after March 28th, but G'd help us if the Likud becomes the largest party and Bibi will be Prime Minister again. As much as Olmert is an opportunist, I would rather see him and not Bibi lead the next government. The only time Mr Nethanyahu became Prime Minister he did so after Yitzhak Rabin was murdered and Hamas and Islamic Jihad had carried out dozens of suicide attacks, thus scaring Israelis away from Peres and Oslo, right into the arms of the Likud and Bibi, who - not unlike today - except for fueling the fears of the Israeli public did not have to mount any serious political campaign. It worked in 1996, and now that the polls show that support for unilateral disengagement and the establishement of borders for the Jewish state are stronger than fear of Hamas and the Palestinians, maybe the introduction of Hitler into the election campaign will do the trick again.

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