Monday, February 13, 2006

( Cartoonist-in-the-era-of-internet-and-globalization )

( A profession with a future ; "VIP? Politician? Captain of industry?(*)"; "Cartoonist!" )

Two cartoons by Klaus Stuttmann, a cartoonist for the German ( Berlin ) daily Der Tagesspiegel who 'created' a German-Iranian version of the Danish Mohammed-cartoon affair. In order to make clear how absurd the use of the Bundeswehr ( the German army ) during the coming soccer world championship is he drew four Iranian football players ( it says Iran on their shirts ) with explosive belts right next to four German soldiers ( "Why during the World Cup the Bundeswehr should definitely be deployed" ). The Iranians are famous for their sense of humor, so immediately the cartoonist was bombarded with online death threats etc. The two cartoons that I post here he made after that.

(*) I made a free translation of Promi and Wirtschaftsboss

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