Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally the Iranians found the perfect, civilized, way to respond to the Danish cartoons. They are going to organize a competition for Holocaust cartoons. Guess what newspaper is organizing this contest? Hamshahri, the paper that is published by the municipality of Teheran, of which the honorable Mr Ahmadinejad was the mayor until less than a year ago. It is interesting to notice that this 'initiative' of the newspaper of the capital of the country where as we all know every deviant behavior or opinion is appreciated and protected is organized "in the name of freedom of expression ". Who ever said that extremist Muslims do not have a sense of humour and irony? PS: I wonder whether they will use pictures of Mr Ahmadinejad for any anti-Semitic cartoons in the competition. Does that turn me into an anti-Semite? Isn't he Aryan?

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