Friday, February 10, 2006

Seven more cartoons that deal with the Danish cartoons' affair, and that is it for the time being. Most of the good ones that I saw told us either about the differences between 'us' and 'them', or about what an American reader of DBI described as "They can dish it out but not take it". That reader had another highly usable quote, which I will use another day, when I post some cartoons about Iran going nuclear. If you saw the twelve cartoons that 'started' everything ( with a four months' delay ) you know that most of the twelve are not great cartoons. One I found very funny, although I could see no connection with the prophet Mohammed, which is true for most of the twelve, I simply see men - obviously Muslims, some of them appear to be extremists - with beards. For those who understand German I recommend Lila's posting about the subject. I am afraid that on the whole I have to agree with the Dutch-French columnist Sylvain Ephimenco. He wrote that if there is one thing that this affair already has proven, it is that - contrary to what the politically correct try to sell us and to what I was taught in my first lessons on 'Islamology' at the university - there is such a thing as 'the' Islam: universal, monlithic, intolerant and trying to suppress the freedom of expression in the West. The violence and threats are not the exclusive responsibility of extremists and radicals. Calls, such as the one by EU foreign policy chief Solana, for dialogue and mutual respect, are ridiculous as long as there is no sign whatsoever of respect on what more and more clearly becomes marked off as 'the other side'. Shabbat shalom.
Robert Arial

Robert Ariail

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Chip Bok

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