Sunday, February 19, 2006

That I have been posting hardly any extensive postings of my own for quite a while is not due to a lack of post-worthy subjects. The opposite is true, there are almost too many things that I would like to comment upon and write about. Iran - its efforts to become a nuclear danger, linked to its threats towards Israel, its calls for a 'reevaluation' of the Holocaust and its role in the Muhammad-cartoons affair -, that bloody cartoons affair and everything that it entails, events in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Syria, the ways in which Israel(is) respond(s) to and deal(s) with these issues, political and electoral developments in Israel itself, I could turn writing about all that into a fulltime job. Unfortunately I do not really have any spare time these days, and blogging still is a hobby, not much more than that. My main focus is - and should be - on my PhD thesis, for about nine more months. That is one of the reasons why lately I have used so many cartoons and references to other people's articles. Another reason is that I love good cartoons, and for me this is a good way to save cartoons that deal with issues that I am interested in. My weblog is first and foremost a way to formulate, express and record my personal feelings and opinions. Once in a while I like to read things that I wrote months or years ago ( in two months' time DBI will be celebrating its third anniversary ), and cartoons give a good, concise impression of what made the headlines on any given moment. Sharon, Iran, Hamas, the Danish cartoons, they all inspired cartoonists all over the world to make some of their best creations. In other words, you can expect more cartoons on this weblog in the coming months. I will try to also post pictures, short remarks and references, plus every now and then a longer posting, either on personal subjects or on more newsworthy issues. Although there were some short gaps during the last three years, I am amazed that I am still blogging, and quite satisfied with the overall content of DBI. Again, it is only a hobby, not much more than that, so if I disappoint some regular, very attentive readers by only occasionally writing an extensive opinion piece, I apologize. After I finish my PhD - d.v., Be'Ezrath HaShem, Insha'Allah - I probably will also write about my research once in a while. Right now I am too involved with it, and it also would be unwise to share too many details with other people. So be patient, keep coming, I will make sure to add something on a more or less regular basis.

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