Sunday, February 12, 2006

Two interesting articles about the movie Paradise Now ( and Munich ) by leading Israeli journalists Irit Linor and Yaron London. Linor obviously saw Paradise Now herself, she was one of the reviewers because of whose rejection the movie did not receive any funds from the Israel Film Foundation. Although I definitely do not accept her use of the words 'Nazi film', most of her criticism makes sense, as does London's. Yaron London touches the essence of the problem with the two movies when he writes that 'they fail to take a clear moral stand about issues that demand moral judgment'. I tend to agree with that. As much as I would like writers, journalists and movie makers to ask - and answer, if possible - questions such as what caused Palestinian terrorists to murder Israeli athletes, why of all religious fanatics Muslims are the ones who turned suicide terror into a specialization and trademark, and what would the best way to fight those terrorists, I think that by suggesting that the fight against terror is almost as immoral as terror itself or that suicide terror is an acceptable weapon in a legitimate struggle rather than an aberration of what is a religion that is not necessarily better or worse than most others, movie makers take the risk of crossing lines that ought not to be crossed, unless one does not believe in the evilness of ( Islamist ) terror.

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