Saturday, February 04, 2006

With Hizbullah attacking in the North, Qassams being fired from Gaza - not by Hamas, I would guess, but by other terrorists, as part of the power struggle among the Palestinians after the Hamas victory - and continuing attempts by terrorists to smuggle explosives and suicide bombers into Israel ( it is only a matter of time before such an attempt will succeed again ) it appears that the Israeli Right does not have to do much campaigning in the coming two months, it can simply watch and wait. The puppet masters of terror in Teheran and Damascus, and their more than willing puppets in Gaza, Jenin etc, know that their lives will be much easier - and international pressure on Iran, Syria, and Hama will be weaker - with a rightwing government led by Bibi. A government with Kadimah and Labor as its ( main ) coalition partners might get the kind of sympathy that Sharon got, especially if such a government has the guts to evacuate significant parts of the Westbank and to confront our own religious-political extremists. Ten years ago terror brought Nethanyahu to power - of course through no fault of himself, heaven forbid -, why should that not happen again?

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