Sunday, March 05, 2006

Do not believe everything that you read in the newspaper ( or on a website, this blog included ). On the website of Ha'Aretz the caption of this picture says " An Israel Arab carrying a sign reading 'We are all brothers', at a protest Saturday in Nazareth". My Arabic is a bit rusty, but I had no problem reading the sign, which says something different, although the message is similar: "We won't give up peaceful coexistence". I am unable to read the small letters in the middle, but I cannot see any words there that say 'brothers' or 'all'. Tomorrow at this hour I will be flying with our daughter, somewhere above Austria or the former Jugoslavia I think. This morning I sent an election t-shirt of the Labor party plus a Kadimah sticker to a friend of mine in Holland, and if all goes well I will arrive in the Netherlands before the envelope. Be'Ezrath Hashem my next posting will be posted from my parents' house.

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