Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't ask me why exactly, but I have a bad feeling about the elections this Tuesday. While all Likudniks and other ( extreme ) rightwingers that I know will definitely go the polls, many of my friends who would normally vote Labor ( or Kadimah, or Meretz ) can hardly be bothered, and some of them seriously consider voting for pointless one-issue parties such as the Pensioners' party or the Green Leaf party. Particularly elderly people ( like my mother-in-law ) have sympathy for the Pensioners' party, and my saying that they should think about their grandchildren's long-term interests ( such as where they want our son to do his army service in another 15 years: in Israel or near some isolated fanatic settlement in the Westbank ) rather than about their own short-term illusions and apathy convinced only a few of them. I do not believe for one moment that one of the three parties that I would like to see in the next government has the key to Paradise ( and no, Shas is not one of them ), but the Right is becoming dangerously strong again according to the opinion polls, and the only three parties that can - together - make sure that Israel will carry out the largest possible unilateral retreats from the occupied territories ( and in my opinion such a retreat is vital for any possible solution of most major problems that have to be dealt with in the coming years) are Labor, Meretz and Kadimah. I still have to see Kadimah get more than 30 ( and the Likud less than 20 ) Knesset seats, and the virtual stable ( center + leftwing; two, max. three-party ) dream-coalition that 'existed' more than a month ago does not seem realistic right now. Let's hope that my gut feelings are mistaken, and that the pollsters - who probably are to blame partly for the voters' apathy - have been right all along.

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