Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eleven days ago I wrote that my next posting probably would be posted from my parents' house. I did not intend to have such a long blogbreak, the longest since I started DBI. Our daughter and I had a wonderful time, and so did my parents, my brother and his fiancee, and my sister and her family, I believe. We visited the Dolfinarium, met a very nice Dutch-Israeli family, spent a whole morning in this playground, a weekend in Utrecht ( including my brother's house and this wonderful museum ), three and a half hours in this entertaining and educative place, crossed the IJ six times, saw the Royal Palace - on the outside - ( I think our daughter is the only real fan of the Royal Family in my family, she adores princess Maxima ) bought many, many books, a few CDs, a lot of presents ( in particular for our son ), went for a swim with my father, and spent most of the time with my parents and my daughter and her family. Tonight we fly back home again. I hardly followed the news in Israel, and I read about the Jericho siege on teletext, hours after it happened. My mother-in-law was convinced it had nothing to do with the coming elections, but I have a slight suspicion that she could be mistaken. :-) I do not know if it was a wise or a necessary move, but I smiled when I read about the Palestinians' indignation and their 'reactions' and threats. After all, they have never had a lack of 'reasons' to carry out suicide and other terror attacks, so this is just another such 'reason' and another threat, and already tens of foreigners have known the pleasure of enjoying the hospitality of Palestinian kidnappers who used various and very divers reasons to justify their deeds, so a few more kidnappings do not really convince me that their anger is more urgent or justified than before.

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