Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In another 168 hours we more or less will know who is going to lead ( or 'lead' ) us for the next ( "four", I almost wrote here ) years. On a daily basis we can read articles about mock elections, about which party will get or turn down which portfolio, and about who is willing or unwilling to sit with whom in which coalition. It is way too early for all that. There are two possibilities: either the opinion polls were right, or nobody had a clue and we will all be surprised. In both cases talking about coalitions should not start before the voting has ended and the exit polls have been published. Few things are as bad for democracy as a low turnout, especially if that is the result of most people - in particular those in the political centre of society - believing that everything is already fixed, that they are sidelined and nobody listens to them. Today we were reminded once more of a reality that most of us only become aware of when the members of our security forces fail in their difficult job: what probably would have been a major terror attack was foiled when a would-(not?)-be-suicide-bomber and his explosives were caught on Highway 1. My wife is at a meeting of the parents' committee of our daughter's class. I am going to have a shower, lie in bed and continue to watch Lost in Translation ( it is beautiful, thank you EJ ).

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