Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, one of the main spiritual leaders of the settlers, is only the latest in a long list of religious fanatics ( Muslims, Christians, Jews ) who, knowing exactly what G'd wants us to do, tell us that whoever supports a political party that does not follow their fanatical political views can forget about a place in Paradise. The rabbi defines Israel's disengagement from Gaza and four Westbank settlements as "the greatest damage to the people of Israel in our time". Clearly a case of fanatical blindness. How else can one explain the fact that this man, who can hardly be called stupid and who had his bar-mitzvah while Germans and others were murdering Jews by the thousands in almost unimaginably cruel ways, willingly ignores ( or even worse, belittles and trivializes ) what even the greatest nitwit will admit is truly the greatest and most painful disaster that befell our people in the modern era?

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