Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two hours ago I finished my shift at the polling station, in one hour the polls will close and the counting will start. At 'my' station voter turnout was quite high, when I left almost 60% of the voters had voted already. All over the country turnout is very, very low, which normally should be bad news for Kadimah and Labor. Judging by the number of party slips that had to be replenished now and then ( have a look here to see how one votes in Israel ) very few people in 'my' station voted Kadimah, and more than expected chose Labor. Likud and the Pensioners' party also appeared to receive more votes than was expected by the pollsters. While Israel has been busy voting ( again, the third time in seven years ) France has been striking ( again ) and rioting, at least that is what I just saw on television. I am off to have a shower and watch the exit polls while lying in my bed. My wife is still working, she will participate in the counting of the votes and won't be home before midnight, that is for sure. Layla tov, and maybe we will wake up tomorrow to the possibility of a stable, center-leftwing, coalition. I have my misgivings about that possibility, though. As I said before, let's hope my pessimism was unfounded all along.

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