Thursday, March 02, 2006

Whereas until now I gave Hany Abu-Assad and his movie the benefit of the doubt ( I have not seen Paradise Now yet, and today I think that I only will view it if I can get an illegal copy of the movie: I try to avoid sponsoring terror supporters as much as possible, and stealing from them could very well be a mitzvah ) today all my doubts regarding Mr A-A's sympathies and motives were blown away. While most reviews that I read tell us that the movie does not glori- or justify the perpetrators of suicide terrorism, the movie's director most definitely does. If this moviemaker wins an Oscar this weekend the United States should immediately pull out its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, because endangering the lives of your soldiers as part of the war against terror does not make any sense whatsoever if at the same time outspoken supporters of terror such as Hany Abu-Assad are rewarded with the highest possible - American - award in their field of expertise. I think I said this before, but nevertheless: it is sad when a people feels pride when the only thing it apparently has to offer the world is suicide terrorism turned into an artform, literally or metaphorically. But of course, all that is also the Jews' fault, isn't it?

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