Thursday, April 20, 2006

Arab MKs are standing in line to meet with Hamas officials. What they think to achieve I do not know exactly, they might want to prove to their voters and to the Israeli public and state that they have a certain relevance. I do not like to see them holding hands with Hamasniks, but I also think that the fuss that is being made about it is a bit overdone. We all know that sooner or later Israel will have to do business with Hamas just like we did and do business with the PLO, so it is a waste of precious time to pretend that we can ignore Hamas and their Palestinian voters forever. One MK of the Likud annnounced that he will propose a bill banning meetings with organizations listed as terror groups under Israeli law. Talking about having to prove that you are still relevant. What I do support, though, is the proposal to ban ( Arab ) MKs who met with Hamas representatives ( in a week that saw nine people being murdered in an attack that was defended by the Hamas government ) from becoming members of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. I do not expect every Israeli Arab to be loyal to this state ( although I know that many of them are ) but I do not think that men like as-Sana belong in that committee.

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