Thursday, April 20, 2006

On the website of the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf I read an article about a ( former ) rabbi who lives with seven wives. Since that did not make sense I checked the website of the Telegraph, where the information came from. There I saw that a guy named Philip Sharp, who for some reason carries the title 'rabbi', indeed lives with several women, who are his wives only 'in the eyes of God', five children, three dogs and two horses. If you read the article you will see that we are talking about members of a 'messianic Jewish' congregation, i.e. Christians. Some of them might very well be Jewish according to halakha, or have Jewish roots, but they have not really anything to do with Judaism or with the Jewish people. Still, the Telegraph and the BBC, which made a documentary about this man - who has been the subject of a Charity Commission investigation over the alleged misuse of funds from his religious charity shops - and his family, insist on calling him a rabbi, thus suggesting a real link to Jews and Judaism. At least that way the newspapers got a catchy headline, don't they? A Jewish freak is sexier and more interesting than a Christian one, apparently.

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