Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The concert yesterday was wonderful, I had a great time. There was a very pleasant atmosphere, good food and a young, enthusiastic, disciplined and music-loving public. This company clearly thought that its workers deserved a very nice evening off. Israel can be proud that big international corporations believe that the workforce here is interesting enough to make enormous investments such as the ones made by Microsoft, Intel and Berkshire Hathaway. Pride is not enough though, this state should realize that knowhow and brainpower are its primary assets, and that both depend on high educational standards and on the state investing money and energy to set and maintain such standards.
I just sent an article - on Israel, Hamas and an active role for the EU in somehow getting the two to the negotiation table - to a Dutch newspaper. No time for more blogging today, I have a lot of - sorry: more important - work to do. As some kind of compensation I post six cartoons, some recent, others less so.
M.E. Cohen

M.E Cohen

Dan Wasserman

Bob Gorrell


Chip Bok

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