Sunday, May 07, 2006

Have a look ( here, here, here, here, and here ) at the feedback related to the articles on the evacuation by Israel's security forces of a Hebron house that was illegally occupied by three settler families, the soldier who refused to shake the hand of the IDF Chief of Staff at a ceremony on Independence Day, and settler violence against Palestinian school children and the IDF soldiers who accompany them. I find it interesting to notice that as always the staunchest support for the settlers comes from so-called Zionists who believe that by embracing right-wing views they can make up for being unable or unwilling to do what Zionism is all about: making Israel - within the Green Line - your home, exposing yourself and your family to the beauty and to the dangers of living in the Jewish state, and serving in the army ( and respecting your commanders ). The war for Israel`s existence is partly fought on international podia, but its most important battles take place on a daily basis here in the streets of Haifa, Tel Aviv, Afula, Hadera, Nethanya and Qiryat Shmonah, not in Waco, Texas, Miami, Forida or Brooklyn, New York. Soldiers who damage military discipline by insulting their highest commander, settlers who attack and verbally abuse soldiers and police(wo)men, and pseudo-Zionists abroad who think that they can serve this country by saluting those who oppose its legal government, only damage our security and endanger our future.

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