Sunday, May 07, 2006

The main news item on the various news shows on Israeli television today was not so much the eviction of the settler families from the house in Hebron as the mega-deal ( $ 4 billion ) in which Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway bought the Iscar company of father Stef and son Eitan Wertheimer. Mr Buffett, who is not interviewed often but did talk to Israeli reporters, seems to be in love with Israel and/or its economy. He even jokingly said that if any Israeli t.v. viewer knew of an Israeli company that was even remotely similar to Iscar (s)he could call him collect. As PM Olmert said this morning, " Buffet sees in Israel what we hesitate to see in our wildest dreams ". Professor Avishay Braverman, a new MK for the Labor party and a renowned economist, praised the longterm vision that characterizes the business views of both MR Buffett and the Wertheimer families. He said that it is people like Stef Wertheimer ( he used the term 'Yekkim", the plural of "Yekke", a word used to describe Jews of German-Austrian descent ) who made this country great. Of course more than one person tried to jump on the Iscar bandwagon by coming up with the perfect destination for the $ 1 billion that this deal will bring into Israel's public treasury ( in addition to the substantial amounts that the Wertheimer has invested in and will continue to donate to various philantropical causes ). How Israeli:

( Ha'Aretz News Flash ) 18:07 Israel Teachers Union: Channel Iscar deal tax money to fund education (Haaretz) 16:47 Peres: Wertheimer to invest money from Iscar buyout in developing Galilee (Haaretz)

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