Monday, May 29, 2006

Of course the boycott of Israeli universities and academics by Britain's National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education is stupid and hypocritical, and it smacks of more than just anti-Zionism. What I found interesting, though, was the way in which the NATFHE's secretary-general tried to justify his brave action. He made clear how unjust the situation of the Palestinians is, noting that " more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed since September 2000, the unemployment rate was higher among Palestinians and 185 Palestinian schools have been shelled or fired at, compared to one Israeli school ". Hey, that means that we can easily bring some justice to this conflict! All that we have to do is simply to allow Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Syria, Iran, Al-Qaeda etc. to do an even better job by letting them maim and murder more Israelis and shell more Israeli schools than they managed to do until today. Since they love to use suicide bombers for their work the unemployment rate among Palestinians will go down drastically, which will solve the third injustice named by Mr NATFHE. I am sure that through terror, and by boycotting Israel's academics - many of whom, by the way, are at the forefront of the struggle against the occupation, but that is something that is lost on Mr Mackney ( or was it McCarthy? ): after all, like his fellow fanatics he doesn't care much about nuances, it is tough and decisive actions that count - all those who care so much about the Palestinians' wellbeing and interests will make a truly worthy and constructive contribution to a better future for all of us. PS: Unfortunately the cruel reality that is the Middle East shows its ugly, ironic face almost on a daily basis. On the same day that the self-righteous do-gooders of NATFHE showed their 'concern' for justice, academic freedom and human rights of the Palestinians, terrorists in Iraq murdered two British journalists in Baghdad and two British soldiers in Basra. I am sure that Mr Mackney somehow blames us bloody Zionists, our American henchmen and British puppets for this. The terrorists in Iraq have so much in common with Israel's worst enemies. Why is it that we hardly ever hear the likes of Mr Mackney complain about the crimes of those enemies? Could it be that one of the main goals of those enemies ( the destruction of the Jewish state ) resembles that of so many British and European lefties much more than the goal of most Israelis (*) ( and of by far most Israelic academics, I am convinced ), i.e. a Jewish state and a Palestinian state living - more or less peacefully - side by side? (*) Like the Palestinians, many Israelis will continue to dream of a Greater Israel, but the vast majority of us is more than willing to give up that dream in favor of some sort of peaceful coexistence. Most of us have come to realize that the occupation hurts us as much as it hurts the Palestinians ( but obviously in different ways ).

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