Sunday, May 14, 2006

When the main praise for a High Court decision comes from the Yesha Council and from the notorious racist Barukh Marzel you know that that decision might be problematic and questionable. That becomes even clearer when you see that six judges supported the decision ( i.e. rejected the petition that prompted it ) while five opposed it, and that one of the senior members of the court has a legal opinion that totally contradicts the opinion of the Chief Justice ( News Flash 10:54 Cheshin: Citizenship Law does not infringe on legal rights of citizen (Haaretz) vs 10:58 Chief Justice: Law infringes on citizens` civil rights (Haaretz) ).
While I can understand the anger and disappointment of Arab and leftwing MKs and NGOs, I am afraid that Justice Minister Ramon was right when he responded to the court's decision, saying that " every state has the right to determine who can become a citizen, and that a state can be particularly selective in case of war. No place in the world is required to admit citizens from a country or authority with which it is in a state of conflict. We have to remember that this law was legislated during the Palestinian uprising, when several people who received citizenship through family unification carried out attacks. " Maybe if one day Palestinians and Israelis are living side by side in peace Israel will be able to be more generous.

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