Thursday, May 18, 2006

While eating breakfast yesterday morning I watched a taped rerun of Frasier. When I finished I zapped through the different channels before returning to my computer. I was amazed to see what was obviously an ultra-orthodox Jew playing the leading role in a video clip on MTV. Then I understood that this must be Matisyahu, a phenomenon that I read about on various websites. The song, called King without a Crown, seems to be a mix of hiphop, rap, rock and whatever ( sorry, I am not an expert ), the videoclip seemed to fit in perfectly with what you normally see and hear on MTV, except for the fact that it is a bit weird to see tsitsit on that channel. Maybe I would not have been surprised to see such a symbol of ( religious ) Judaism in a clip of Madonna, oops, Esther. Was it a coincidence that right after Matisyahu's video the latest clip of Madonna was shown? The song, 'Sorry', starts with the singer trying to say 'Sorry' in several foreign languages. She got it wrong in Dutch. 'I'm sorry' is not 'Iek bien droeviek" ( Ik ben droevig, which means 'I'm sad' ) but 'Het spijt me'.

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