Friday, May 19, 2006

Yesterday I did something that I never did before: I voted for a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although I have no idea why Brian Kennedy participates in the ESC ( he is way too good for that ) I voted for him. The main reason why I decided to watch the contest while I was folding a large pile of laundry ( my wife was helping a friend of ours to make a birthday cake ) was that to my big surprise I had seen the name of Brian Kennedy on the list of participants. I have his debut album on CD, it is one of my favorite pop albums. After watching all 20-something countries I thought that almost all of the other candidates ( including the three girls from Holland ) were so bad that it would be unfair not to vote for somebody who is so talented, who has such a beautiful voice and who took the competition really seriously by writing quite a nice song. Of all the songs that I heard his was the only one that I would not mind hearing again. I will vote for Mr Kennedy on Saturday night as well. If he does not end at least in the top five that will be the final proof that today ESC stands for EasternEuropean Scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours Circus. In that case I really think that countries like Holland, Ireland and Israel should stop wasting money and energy on the ESC in the future.

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