Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yossi Banai z"l was laid to rest yesterday in the cemetery of kibbutz Giv'at HaShlosha. There are at least nine members of the Banai family - a Jerusalem family of Iranian/Persian descent - whom I know ( I do not think I ever saw or heard Ya'akov or Haim Banai perform ) and until yesterday I never was sure what their exact family ties were. Then I found this Wikipedia article, from which the family tree that you see here was taken. Eliyahu Ya'akov Banai had five sons, one of whom was Yosi.

  1. Ya'acov Banai was an actor, whose son Ehud has built a very impressive career as a singer-songwriter.
  2. Yosi Banai's son Yuval is also a singer-songwriter, his greatest success he achieved as the frontman of the very popular band Machina. His wife, Orly Zilberschatz-Banai, is a highly successful actress. One of her greatest, also international, successes was her role in a film named Broken Wings.
  3. Gabry Banai was a member of the legendary HaGashash HaHiver comedy trio. His son, Uri, is an actor and singer. He played in several television series and had one big hit, "Butterflies".
  4. Yitzhak Banai is ( or was, I do not know ) a judge, he is the only one of the five siblings who did not have a career in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, three of his ( and his wife's ) children have been very succesful artists. Meir and Evyyatar are singer-songwriters, their sister Orna is a comedian.
  5. Haim Banai is an actor and story teller. PS: Shai ( of Shaister ) wrote an extensive posting about the Banai family.

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