Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A few days ago, when poor Gilad Shalit was just an anonymous soldier in the IDF, I put this posting by Lila of Letters from Rungholt among my favorites so that I could refer to it later. It is a very good commentary on the statements that Roger Waters made during his visit to and performance in Israel, and on the whole issue of the security fence and on security fences in general ( Africa-Spain, US-Mexico, Ukraine-Czech Republic ). I apologize for the fact that the article is in German, well not for that fact in itself ( German can be such a beautiful language ) but because some ( most? ) of you probably do not understand it. That is a shame. Lila often has very interesting things to say, and as an Israeli mother and insider who knows what Israel looks like on the outside she provides her readers with a very personal, very Israeli view on all that is going on here. If you do understand German you should follow her coverage of the developments surrounding Gilad Shalit, Eliyahu Asheri and Israel's ongoing operation in the Gaza Strip.

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