Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Shavuot! We will have dinner today and lunch tomorrow with my wife's family. Most of the couples that we know 'divide' the holidays between his and her families but in our case that would be a bit impractical and very expensive, so we normally spend the holidays with my parents-in-law. At least one of the problems that most Israeli couples face is a non-issue for us. Since at Shavuot Jews traditionally eat dairy products I made a very nice mushroom soup. I will also make the cream-sauce ( onions, garlic, mushrooms, cream ) for the pasta ( four different kinds, filled with dried tomatoes, spinach, cheese, or potatoes and onions ) that I bought ready-made. Ahead of the holiday members of the international ( diplomatic ) community in Israel held a baking competition, where each participant presented his/her local variation on the theme cheesecake. Angola came first place with a pudding cake.

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